segunda-feira, 1 de julho de 2013

Bob Burford - A Foxy Chick and a Cool Cat

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I forgot who said "Where there's a theme there will be variations." Well, this is a variation on a tune Joe Pass wrote that was on his 1982 "Eximious" album. The version I play here resolves to a minor.

The guitar is a Stanford Belle Aire crafted by luthier Frantisek Furch in Czechoslovakia when there still was a Czechoslovakia. Through some mergers (or whatever), Furch has morphed into today's Stonebridge guitars. It's a gorgeous guitar and weighs only 6 pounds ... incredible for a full-sized archtop guitar. I use Tomastik-Infeld strings, 14-17-20 plain, 28-39-50 flatwound.

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